The Course of Line (2018)

Untitled (Białowieża), 2016

Why does a certain type of a forest receive state protection?
How does a certain physiognomic type become considered to be better or worse, or how does it get assigned to the master race or a slave race?
What determines the course of contemporary or future biopolitics, which aims at preservation or extermination?

Michał Zawada’s exhibition introduces a juxtaposition of photographs that originate in two seemingly different orders: images of Białowieża Forest and images of plaster casts of heads, which during the time of World War I, served as research on race and heredity. Yet, black and white raw photographs point to a common element – the esthetic form of life, entanglement of biomorphic structures, contours and lines, which can trigger both delight or hatred. A line, noticed and brought out from the background – regular or unsettled, arborescent or not – may become a measure of beauty and humanity, may point to a certain course of action and ethical border. Will it still be possible to behold the beauty of untouched nature? Will the form of human body, in the future, have impact on the social hierarchy? In the time of sudden political and social ruptures Zawada encourages us to rethink our ways of seeing, unveils the cultural sense of order, and provokes us to trace the course of line.

curator: Paweł Brożyński